Monday, July 13, 2009

Have you ever.....or The ......Oh Oh Behavior

Have you ever thought you were working really really hard, spending alot of time doing stuff and accomplishing nothing? That's what I've been doing. I'm still, unfortunately, reading and downloading more "really important" stuff that I think I just can't live without. But I'm still not getting anywhere! I have analyzed myself and I think I have "scared shitless to fail-itis". And I think I'm not alone with this disease. How many of you out there have this ailment? This is the "running on a treadmill getting no where" symptom. In my defense tho, I feel that something is sneaking into my brain subliminally because in my "dream world where I am very rich and successful", I can see the outline and steps of a squeeze page, optin box and thank you page. So I feel that is making some progress! I feel like a Greg Louganis at my first Olympics standing poised on the diving board scared to death to take the plunge! I need to look at the worst thing that could happen and then if I can live with it, JUST JUMP!!!!!

Ok, the worst thing that, I think, could happen would be I would put up a really crappy squeeze page and nobody would come to the party! But on the upside of the worst thing that would happen, I TOOK ACTION!! Something was put on the net! Well, as soon as I get this ftp-thingy figured out.

This is my behavior sometimes, I get all fired up to put a page up. I have coded a website but it was awhile ago and I forgot most of everything I knew. But I have an html editor and can work with that. So ok, I copy and paste the index page in the editor...oh oh, now I have to figure out the code for the optin box...oh oh, I have to get an autoresponder and then learn how to use that..... oh oh, now I have to find bonus' and figure out how to put them on the page....oh oh, how do I make the download page....oh oh, how does a customer download my stuff? What do I get and how do I direct all these pages??? Sometimes I think it's just one obstacle after another and I just throw in the towel and go back to the downloading. But I do keep remembering (per my previous post) that I've made money on the net so I am a real Affiliate Marketer. Maybe a crappy one but still an Affiliate Marketer.

But, hold your horses here, I have found a possible "secret weapon" in the form of a mentor. Her name is Liz Tomey and she is really a real Affiliate Marketer. She has FREE videos all around the net and this woman knows her stuff! I just LOVE her! Her style is easy to follow and if you don't get it you can watch her videos again and again and she's got tons of them. And her programs are Fabulous. I bought the 5 day cash machine and It is soooo good. I think I might actually get a site up this YEAR!! She has step by step lessons and homework! You can actually get something on the web in 5 days, hence the name, but for newbies and slowzskis like me I can take my time and really savor all that's in this program. Click on the link below to check it out!

This program is so worth the money! She also has other programs and I will list them on the sidebar for you to take a look at. She also offers coaching and I am really looking hard at this. I think it would save weeks and weeks if not months of time wasted actually trying to get something on the web and make real money. I also think it will save money in the long run. Below are links to Liz's coaching, all are fabulous programs:

Liz is definitely my secret weapon.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm in the Money, I'm in the Money!!

I’m SO excited today! In the previous post I told you that I have tons of stuff that I downloaded on my computer. Things, that I thought were “necessary essentials” but most of it is probably just crap. Well I have been reading this stuff into the wee small hours of the night. Believe me, my house proves I’ve been busy reading and “doing my internship” into affiliate marketing. You have to wade throught the laundry to get to the bathroom in my bedroom. But no worry, I have 2 other bathrooms! But I digress..(remember, hocus pocus, ya gotta focus!!) Anyway I’m reading all this stuff and a light bulb goes on in my head. Last year I bought a “fixer upper” in an area I never thought I would be able to afford (hence trying to start making money in affiliate marketing). I live in Sarasota, Fl which is a beautiful area on the Gulf of Mexico. No, I didn’t buy a house on the gulf (at least not yet but if this AM thing ever takes off…), it is almost on the bay, 400’ from the bay. I can see the bay from my yard and it is just heaven! Plus I have a pool!!! Ya know a pool is like having a boat, it’s fabulous when you get to use it but you do just keep pouring money into it and my pool is so old that I have to shovel money into it. But that’s ok because I feel it’s worth what I get out of it.

Anyway, I bought this fixer upper and decided to start a blog about it. I have before pictures so you can follow along with the progress of the work as I turn my jetsons meets starwars sow’s ear into my shabby cottage palace. Well I have a loyal readership of I think 1 (Thank you so much, Deb!) so remember I said I have been scouring all the crap that I downloaded and I think some of it is sticking! On one of the blog tabs it has monetize so I clicked on it and it tells you about adsense. I read about it (what I could understand, what DO those reports mean?) and decided to have them put some ads on it. I’ve had the blog since June 08 and put the adsense ads on in May 09. Well because of my loyal readership of 1 I had page impressions and a CLICK!!! I MADE MONEY ON THE INTERNET!!! Granted, it’s only $3.24 but I MADE MONEY ON THE INTERNET!!!! I, my friends, am an Affiliate Marketer!! (You can't see me but I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance) When I figure out how and when I get the check, I may never cash it. I may just frame it and look at it and bask in the glory of being an AFFILIATE MARKETER!

If you’d like to look at my money pit and my blog about it, here's the link.

Well that’s it for now. I just had to share my excitement with you. I’m now going to go float in my pool and think about how I would spend my big affiliate commission if I were to cash it.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Ongoing Saga of a Newbie in Affiliate Marketing Wonderland or Hocus Pocus, Ya Gotta Focus!

Hello, my name is Linda aka Daisy Profits and I'm a wanna be affiliate marketer. (Now you all say together, Hi Linda/Daisy). Good, although I sound like a wanna be Ricky/Bobby!

Anyway I really want to get into affiliate marketing and thought I would blog about my adventure. I have been reading everything about AM (that's short for affiliate marketing), have downloaded so much crap on my computer's hard drive that I had to buy 2 jumpdrives for the overflow and definitely now know my way around "pdf" reports. Being the packrat that I am I just "feel" I might need this stuff later when I get successful and I just don't want to leave any stone unturned. Of course I now have files on my computer with labels that say; affiliate marketing, a affiliate marketing, aa affiliate marketing, aaa affiliate marketing, Ebooks, Ebookscantsell, articles, reports, really good articles, really good reports, really really good reports, the best articles, what I need to read first, and on and on and on to the point that I don't know whats what. I think the next thing I need to download is a file organizer!

I have been so busy for almost 2 months, up till 4am, downloading all this important and needed "stuff" that I haven't done a thing with getting this affiliate thing started. Have you seen the ads for the new Disney movie, the one with the dog whose thoughts can be read and his owner is talking to him and reading his thoughts and the dog, with tongue hanging out, is listening and out of the corner of his eye he sees something and out of the blue says "SQUIRREL!" and takes off and then goes back to listening to his owner and again "SQUIRREL!" and takes off again. That is me right now and I'm sure the same for some of you. There is SO MUCH information on the net about AM, it's like being a kid in a candy store. You look at one thing for a moment but then out of the corner of your eye you see something bigger and better and you go on to that and then you see something extremely bigger and better and you drop the bigger and better item for the extremely bigger and better item and on and on and on until time has passed and you are still in the same place you were and have done NOTHING! You, my friend, are in Extreme Information Overload which has you so confused that you do nothing. You're like a robot with a chip glitch and all you do is turn in circles going nowhere. Well that's where I was. I couldn't focus! Hocus Pocus, ya gotta Focus! (I read that in an excerpt from the $5 dollar a day book, the hocus pocus, ya gotta focus part). I was always looking for the program that would make everything right, the one I really needed to get started and become successful. The one that would give me my "Ahhh" moment. The one that would lift the veil from my eyes. The one that would make me just "get it".

Well I bought one program (I'm very cheap) that I thought would be very good and it was ok but I didn't get my "Ahhh" moment from it. I know the basic steps for AM, I've read it enough times and have the files on my computer to prove it.

Step 1: Find a Niche
Step 2. Find keywords
Step 3: Build a Website with a squeeze page
Step 4: Bring traffic to your site, organically, ppc etc
Step 5: Build a list - the money's in the list

What they fail to mention are the steps between the steps...

Find a niche....Where and what's a niche?
Find the, and with ppc what do you actually pay for the words
Build a website....How????? And what the heck is a squeeze page?
Bring traffic to your site....What is organic traffic..a bunch of vegans and ppc?
Build a list...Why and where's the money in the list...

Sounds so easy until you start to think about doing it and you don't know where to start.

What do I sell? How do I advertise without breaking the bank, what's the deal with keywords, how do I get traffic, whats a squeeze page and where do I get one? What's an opt in box? How do I make it? What's an autoresponder and do I really need one?

So you keep surfing the net and signing up for all the FREE BONUSES and your email is overflowing with the newest program that all the AM gurus tell you you have to have or you won't be successful and they're all on first name basis with you and your new best friend. But you still haven't found that product that makes you "get it", the one that opens your eyes and all you see is it and, finally, you begin to focus and it all comes together.

Well, I found that program. And tomorrow or my next post I will tell you what it is.

Until then.......As all my new best friends say...

To your success!!

Daisy Profits